Hi, Stacey here… anyone who knows me will know how unorganised I am, how I’m always late and forgetting that all important non-uniform day at school. Yes, I am that mum. For years, I’ve been writing things on the back of my hand, jotting down the shopping list on an unopened envelope and squashing our meals for that week around the edges of my diary. Occasionally, I’ve indulged in a meal planner for the fridge but still scribbled it in my diary anyway! This is why we’ve designed a planner that encompasses the ongoing tasks that is life.

With three young children I’m sure you can imagine the amount of parties we attend (they literally have a better social life than me), and the number of clubs with all their own kits and bits to remember alongside school. And if yours is anything like ours there’s some-sort of ‘wear red’, ‘bring a pebble’, ‘bring in photos’ kind of day on a weekly basis. Not to mention the endless appointments which for me personally are a regular thing for my son Jude who has additional needs, so keeping on top of his therapies and hospital appointments can be a challenge. That’s why for our Mum One we’ve made a section especially for the kids! To keep on top of their lives as well as our own because let’s face it, we are their personal assistants pacified with the honour of being their mummy!

We’ve kept this same principle for the Work/Life Balance Diary, so you can clearly see the priorities and separate commitments for each area of life. And both planners have the ever helpful meal planner, with encouragement for self-care (because we know deep down we should be squeezing this into out chaotic lives in an attempt to keep us sane!). With tear away slips for your shopping lists and space for extra important dates and timetables, we feel that our planners really have everything you need in one place!

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