Seren Boe's Story

This is my most treasured picture in the world.

It’s a picture of my twins, Jesse-Fox and Seren-Boe.

They were the result of my first round of IVF after going through the long process of trying everything else.

But the little tinkers decided to show up 14 weeks early so had them by emergency c- section at 26 +1 weeks.

Although tiny (2lb and 1lb 12oz respectively) they were just perfect.

Anyone that’s experienced life in the NICU knows how tough this journey is, so I won’t even try to portray it to those who don’t, as it’s just too inconceivable.

18 days into their little lives Seren-Boe got an infection and very suddenly and unexpectedly died. Life as I knew it was no more. I had to quickly find a way to navigate life mourning a child while still hoping my surviving child was going to make it.

Not long after Seren-Boe’s funeral one of the wonderful NICU nurses gave me a scrapbook that she had decorated and personalised that read ‘All about my twin sister’. As you can imagine I was overcome with emotion, it was honestly one of the most thoughtful gifts and acts of kindness that I have ever experienced. My head was not in a place where I could have even thought about doing such a thing and when you’re living in that NICU world 24/7 your memories become a blur and you forget every little moment.  At times your literally trying to get through minute by minute.

But now I had something I could make special for Jesse-Fox. A place to put all my memories of us all, pregnancy, hopes and dreams etc.

So when me and Stacey (who was an absolute rock to me throughout this) decided to start this business, I just wanted this really thoughtful and meaningful gift to become something we could offer. I know memory books are a brilliant idea for birthdays and other special occasions but I wanted to tell my story to explain that in the darkest of times and in really difficult circumstances, a gift like this can really make so much difference to someone, especially when they are not in a place to be thinking more than a few minutes ahead at a time, but you know they may want to cherish certain moments and remember. I honestly hope that by sharing this with you, it gives people an insight into the power of what kindness and thoughtfulness can do.

A memory book to us is really all about documenting those memories that need to be cherished forever. ❤️

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