Personalise Bereavement in a Memory Book

The most famous of funerals left us thinking…

There is no doubt that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was a magnificent affair. The historical pageantry, the stunning settings and the sombre mood made for an event of unprecedented nature. A treasure trove of history to be locked in the personalised bereavement memory book of our minds. However, the spirit,  feeling, and atmosphere were that of any funeral, from the most famous to the most simple. So what made the difference to us? It was the build-up, the week of information, memories and history of this most highly regarded Monarch. What a thing to be able to do! Get to know our Queen through watching, along with lots of you, the programmes filled with people bursting to tell their stories, small anecdotes, snippets of conversations, a remembered handshake, and simple, private memories. We were creating personalised bereavement memory books in each of our minds. As a member of the Royal family, the then Princess Elizabeth had the privilege to have photographs and films made of each key event in her life and many in between to complete this most glorious of personalised bereavement memory books.

“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

Queen Elizabeth II

Sharing a Life Full of Memories

Pictures from photographs and films helped us ‘know’ our Late Queen; many of us have never met her, yet we feel like we did. We knew her strength, vulnerabilities, dedication, and service; indeed, we feel as if we knew her personality through these memories brought alive by pictures.

So what about the bereavement of those Queens and Kings, Princes and Princesses in our lives? How will we share their highlights or even their low times? How will others, those yet to come, get to know them? What do we have that we can share with others? Do we have those same people who can recall stories of a special birthday, grand days out or a simple hello whilst walking the dog? And if we do, how do we preserve them? answer in a Personal Bereavement in a Memory Book.

Personalise Children’s Favourite Memories

There is always hope that, like Queen Elizabeth, with her seventy years on the Throne and ninety-six years in this world, there will be lots to recall, remember, and reflect on. From Banquets to Barbeques, christenings, weddings, and funerals of generations of people. The places to see, the experiences to have, the gifts to receive!  So many memories, so much to tell. We will speak of stories and capture pictures of our family Kings and Queens in personalised bereavement memory books. A Children’s ‘Our Favourite Moments’ Memory Book is the perfect place for children to look at and learn about those who they may not remember.

Personalised Memories of the Shortest, Most Exquisite of Life

But what about a shorter life, a simpler life? Our Princes and Princesses, perhaps a life not honoured with time the most precious gifts? Each fleeting moment is snatched as another replaces it. When bereavement is too early and possible so sudden, the pain is too much to remember these fleeting moments. A personal bereavement memory book is a treasury for these personalised memories. Through pictures and stories, the beautiful life can be recalled, celebrated, and cherished.


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