Memories in a Book

Every Moment Becomes a Memory.

We often forget that every moment becomes a memory: the exciting and mundane moments. Our memories can go and return, some always there to grasp in an instance, others locked deep within us, so we must try hard to search them out. What better place to keep our memories than in a book?

Private Memories

Some memories are just there for us. Private, protected and personal. We hold these memories tight and guard them fiercely, ensuring we can watch, listen and relive these most precious times.

The Joy of Sharing Memories

Sharing our memories is one of the most privileged things we can do. Memories that are shared keep us close to those we love and cherish, reliving past times and bringing those cherished events back to life. We are allowing others to relive our most memorable times: happy times, exciting times, sad times, all of our times.

Memories as a Legacy

There are times when we may want others to share our memories. A time when remembering us is a way to hold on to the dearest of people in our lives. Although we might not want to share them just now, our memories will be a source of comfort, happiness, and history for those generations to come. Our special moments in time could help shape a future or alter a moment for someone we love and who loves us. A memory book is an ideal way to ensure that what is to be shared can be shared while protecting what is private to you, yet ensuring that our history is something that can live on. Savour your memories in a book with Isla and Boe, to treasure for a lifetime and to relive time and time again.

‘We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.’

Jeremy Irons

‘Over several decades, researchers have shown remembering your past is fundamental to being human and has four important roles.’ Read more about why we dwell on our past here.

A bright blue A5 landscape wirebound memory book with the words Evie and Frankie's favourite memories with Grandad' with three gold stars next to the word Grandad.
The joy of Sharing Memories in a Book
A white cotton feel A5 note book wirebound with bronze coil that reads 'Hello little one' in gold embossing. there are little gold starts scattered around the writing. The book is places ontop of a peppermint version lay partly on a pink towel and cream and gold pen lay to the right of the books.
Start capturing memories early!

Wandering down Memory Lane

Wandering down Memory Lane is a hobby that most of us enjoy. We tend to think of memories as something that photographs or films can meander through, watch, look at or listen to and return just as they were. Quite simply, our memories are much more than that.  Memory is integral to how we function and how we experience the world. “Has it ever struck you,” Tennessee Williams once pondered, “that life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going?”

It is also possible that our memories evolve over time. Maybe the addition of information given to us by others or perhaps a fading part of a treasured memory which we rewrite with details borrowed from other memories. The details can change over time, so where we can preserve the memory almost before it can become one is a precious opportunity we too often forget.

Can we Choose Our Memories?

I am sure there is a scientific idea about why or how an event or experience becomes a memory. As they say, the clue is in the title. A memory, why would we keep them in any place other than our mind? Well, the answer is clear: we keep safe the here and now, take photographs and videos, keeping them in place that will never fade. It is evident that every action we take will not necessarily become a memory. We cannot decide that, so we need to protect these extraordinary times, and a memory book is a perfect place.

21st Birthday Memory Book

For example, when we turn 21, we think our memory will never fade. If we are lucky enough to have loved ones and friends who want to celebrate this milestone birthday with us, perhaps a party or celebration.  We think we will recall every detail, the planned oned and those details which are spontaneous, spectacular or imply special to us at that moment.


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