From Army to Business Partners The Journey of Shaz and Stacey

In the late 90s, I, Shaz, first crossed paths with Craig, my future best friend and partner in adventure, amidst the rigid routines and echoing commands of the British Army. Stationed within the Royal Artillery, our shared experiences and camaraderie quickly fostered a strong bond between us. Being one of the few females in our regiment, I found myself immersed in a largely male sphere, an experience that I plan to delve into in a forthcoming blog.

Years later, in 2012, Craig tied the knot with the lovely Stacey. Unlike the traditional, often critical, perspective towards army friendships, Stacey warmly welcomed me into her life. Her genuineness and grounded nature made her stand out, and I quickly developed a profound respect for her.

After retiring from the Army in 2010, I transitioned to private security and took up residence at Stacey’s while renting out my own place. This shift allowed me to once again enjoy the comfort of female companionship.

Stacey later gave birth to a wonderful boy named Jude, overcoming a traumatic birthing experience involving a placental abruption. Jude, now 11 and thriving despite cerebral palsy and CVI-induced blindness, is a living testament to the resilient parenting of Stacey and Craig. This remarkable family now also includes two delightful daughters, Georgia and little Isla Pie.

Fate seemed to reserve an unexpected surprise for me as well. Having resigned to childlessness, I met my partner while working in private security, and thanks to IVF, we welcomed twins into our world when I was 38. Sadly, we lost our daughter, Seren-Boe, to a sudden tragedy when she was just 18 days old – an experience that shook me to my core and a topic I plan to discuss in a future blog.

Stacey and Craig stood by us during this dark time, providing invaluable support in all forms. I can’t express how blessed I feel to have such steadfast friends. Later, we were blessed with another son, Woody, via IVF.

During the final months of my second pregnancy, Stacey proposed a compelling idea: starting a business together. This would allow us to circumvent the chaos of daily commuting while offering a work-from-home solution. Though initially nonchalant about the idea, I warmed up to it as we brainstormed potential business names and products.

Our entrepreneurial journey commenced with limited business knowledge, a small financial cushion, and a handful of rough ideas. Stacey was inspired by the success of several stationery businesses she followed on social media and was particularly keen on designing planners. Hence, we created ‘The Mum One’ and ‘The Work/Life Balance One’, both loving tributes to our favourite sitcom ‘Friends’.

Embarking on this venture was far from smooth sailing; we faced numerous hurdles, from misguided trust to tasks mishandled. But our experiences have taught us resilience and each setback has been an invaluable lesson.

Our product line also features memory books, born from our shared passion to raise awareness about issues such as infant loss, preterm birth, and the mental toll of motherhood. Through these products, we hope to make your lives a little easier, preserve precious memories, and provide thoughtful gifts filled with sentiment and humour.

Our journey from business novices to owners has been a winding road, and we’re far from the finish line. But we’re committed to persevering and turning our dreams into a sustainable reality. We invite you to join us on our quest and hope to inspire and uplift others along the way.

In our next blog post, we’ll share the hilarious negotiations we have with our children while juggling a home-based business. Here’s to surviving and thriving during the holidays!

Until next time, take care, and thank you for joining us on our journey.

Stacey & Shaz xx


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